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Haiku Challenge day 17 ~Ravel

Winter 2010

Above my head I dream

                       Raveled web of crystal beads

                                          Roads of warm sunshine


Here is the link to the Haiku challenge Blog:…http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/2011/02/haiku-challenge-28-days-28-haikus-day_17.html

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Haiku Challenge day 16~mother


She protects me from the tempest

Chiseled from her image

I watch as the rain falls


Here is the link for the Haiku challenge….http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/2011/02/haiku-challenge-28-days-28-haikus-day_16.html

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Day 15 haiku challenge -solitude

Sing in solitude

Frogs, crickets and mists answer

Flutes play in the wind


Here is the link to the Haiku Challenge…http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/2011/02/haiku-challenge-28-days-28-haikus-day_15.html

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope, that someone special has said those three wonderful words today… “I Love you!”

I try to say them every day, even if I’m miffed. Michael got me a cake and candy; he is being a real sweetheart.  I just gained an extra ten pounds this weekend.

The snow is slowly trying to melt. I walked around checking out the status of the drifts.  I can’t walk anywhere off the driveway. The snow has melted to about waist level. 

No worries! Spring is just around the corner and I am happily looking forward to a long walk on the back path.

Uriah decided he wanted to run.  He took a leap into the snow and sunk. I had to dig him out. He wasn’t happy.

For day 14 of the Haiku Challenge the word is ‘LOVE’.

Haiku Challenge Day 14Love

Love is a dodo

Chasing it won’t make it yours

Put out some bird seed


A flame that burns brightly

Will one day set fire to the house

 You have to repaint


Here’s the link to the Haiku Challenge Blog…http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/2011/02/haiku-challenge-28-days-28-haikus-day_14.html


I noticed that the date of my Blog Posts is off-way off. What’s up with that? The last two were posted on the 13th …I hope this one shows it to be the real 14th…

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Haiku Challenge day 13 grumble




Stuck in a tiny cell

Without food, water or shoes

Wonder what the rats think?


Hear the grumble of strife

Shuffling in corners and walls

Watch out the doors open!

Here is the link to the Haiku Challenge Blog:…http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/2011/02/haiku-challenge-28-days-28-haikus-day_13.html

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Ooops! I set this up yesterday and never hit publish…here it is a day late,sorry.


Day 12 Haiku Challenge-Ring


My ring rolled away

In the grass, under a toadstool

Does a fairy have it?

Here’s the link to the challenge..http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/2011/02/haiku-challenge-28-days-28-haikus-day_12.html

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Haiku Challenge day 11


I decide to be happy 

I will walk and run for love 

I wait for my angel


She will pick me up have faith

Rescue angels I am waiting-

I want a forever home-

Day 11…


I salute all those wonderful people who, on a daily basis try and save dogs like this one.

Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue out of Georgia, is just one of those organizations that try to find “forever homes’ for abused and neglected animals.

 Here’s their link…http://bit.ly/5lLaYi

What group do you know of that saves animals? Post their link here, and on my Facebook page. They give faith out every day.  Let’s pass them a little of our own, and a gigantic ‘Thank You’ for all their hard work!

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Day seven of Haiku Challenge

Words of contention

Resonate song to a crow

Red skies transport warmth




Day 6 of Haiku Challenge


Perfect eyebrows

Impossible to keep straight

Pupils stay on course


Day 5 Haiku Challenge

Can the insect who lands

Taste the flavor of purple

Artiste drop your brush




Haiku Day 4

Life’s dance is harder

Between songs when you are the prey

Thickly spread on color


Day 7..http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/2011/02/haiku-challenge-28-days-28-haikus-day-7.html

Day 6..http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/2011/02/haiku-challenge-28-days-28-haikus-day-6.html

Day 5..http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/2011/02/haiku-challenge-28-days-28-haikus-day-5.html

Day 4…http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/2011/02/haiku-challenge-28-days-28-haikus-day-4.html


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Haiku Challenge Day 10~

Haiku Challenge Day 10


Laughter overflows 

Painter and model relax

Wondering what you see


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I seemed to have jumped from day 7 to day nine all in the matter of less than 24 hours. I really am out of it. Here is day 9 of the Haiku challenge:


for haiku challengeday 9

The grass under our feet

Grows sideways ahead of

The piglet’s eventual escape

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