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I lost all feeling in my fingers by the time I reached the beginning of the back path.

I was hoping the water was still running strong. Then this walk would be cut short and I could slip back into the warm house.  

The water looked solid…  Darn!

 I used my ski pole and poked at the ice at my feet. Today the air was dry,  Mother Nature pulled the moisture out of the ground, leaving some of the ice hollow underneath.

I watched as Uriah stepped gingerly on the ice. He turned and looked at me. I could hear his thoughts. “See!  I didn’t break through. It’s strong enough! Come on!”

I shrugged and started my slow shuffle over the slick ice. 

Deciding I was too slow, Uriah came back to see what was taking me so long.

I tried waving at him to stop.

He didn’t listen.

 I tried to baby talk him away…“No, no walk up ahead of me. Uriah don’t stand next to me!”

He just stopped and stared. First at my forehead, then at my pockets, he was hoping for a biscuit. He was looking at me, when the ice popped, then cracked loudly under our feet.   All in a matter of seconds, Uriah’s eyes opened wide and looked like they would pop out of his head.  Then he looked down at his paws, and then back up at me, just as the ice gave way under him.

Luckily, for both of us the water that settled underneath was only about two inches deep. But two inches of freezing water was too much me. Uriah, at the first popping sound started moving fast!  He slipped on ahead aiming for the area with the dried grass. He knew if he stood on the grass, he wouldn’t get his feet wet.

 I wasn’t so lucky. The ice gave out under me, and only the bottom of my shoes got wet. Relieved, I laughed! And started a slow shuffled towards Uriah.

 “Nothing to worry about it’s not deep!”  Famous last words…

Ten steps in and the ice broke again. This time, the water poured into my shoes.

I hurried to reach higher ground, the dried grass, not taking in to consideration that Uriah weighed a lot less than I did.

Heavy Sigh!

Uriah glared and whined! He lifted one paw at a time up, as my added weight sucked us both down into the icy, muddy water.  The water freely poured over the top of the grass and sticks and my shoes.

Note* It wasn’t deep. If I had stood still it would have reached my ankles. *

Uriah turned away from me and raced up the path to the East. Home was to the west.

I checked on my camera. It was safely in its case hanging around my neck. My goal in coming out here today, was to take some pictures.  With that in mind, I decided to continue on my frozen walk, and I headed up the path to the east.

I was hoping to find that Pheasant hiding in the trees. My imagination was working over time as I walked.  Wet feet and frozen shoes, took my mind off my frozen fingers. At that point I pictured that Pheasant sipping a hot chocolate, with his feet up on an ottoman next to a roaring fire.

Yeap! I was hallucinating! And I would surly freeze to death under a tree.

Uriah had disappeared into the trees.

I could hear the ice cracking, in the low lying areas as I moved up the path and straight east. I tried to avoid the gentle, dangerously frozen wind, which was trying to knock my nose off.

The sun was shining brightly and the snow glittered white.  The thaw we had, a few days ago, had taken away a large portion of the snow, the rest was frozen solid. I had a hard time punching my ski poles in the snow, in a laughable attempt to stay on my feet.

I could hear the sound of a little bird, but I couldn’t see him.  Uriah gave up walking alone and came running up asking for a biscuit.

My fingers felt like they were no longer attached to the rest of my hand, as I dropped a biscuit out of my pocket.

Weather can be very deceptive and detached.   That bright sunshine and blue sky would shine down on me as I froze, sitting under a tree.  

I wanted a picture!

So I stopped and removed my gloves, and told Uriah to smile. He hid his face in the snow…

I only took a few pictures, I had to stop, because I couldn’t feel the on and off button. I slipped the camera in its case and told Uriah to run home. He took off into the trees instead.

At first I was aggravated then I realized it was probably warmer in those trees than out in the open.

 I wasn’t going to trust the ice. So I plodded forward, over the low path and ice. I stepped once more into the water. By now my shoes were ice cubes! Literally, chunks of ice!

 I hurried across the open yard!  Uriah suddenly appeared right behind me; he didn’t complain as I opened the door to the house and ordered him inside.  In my stylish ice shoes I clunked in behind him thinking, I need to toss out that Pheasant and drink his hot chocolate…


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It was close to eight o’clock when I stood outside in the drive way, waiting for my dog to do his business.

I looked up into the beautiful night sky. Smiled at the full moon and the sprinkling of stars- then I remembered my camera. I ran in the house, and ran back outside.

I clicked and adjusted the specs. The pictures looked like a big white fuzzy spot on black.

I turned off the camera and called to Uriah. I was standing at the door, when behind me the howling started. A stray sound that echoed across the snow covered fields. The coyotes were singing to the moon.

I hit the video button and crossed my fingers this works. Uriah complained a little. I thought I heard a train. Suddenly, one of the coyotes howled very close by, somewhere in the trees to the east of us.  The fur on Uriah’s neck stood up and he made a movement towards the sound.

A few seconds later everything was very still.

It was very dark outside! This video is very hard to see! Please, turn your sound up.


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Magnolia Buds

by Gerardine Baugh 



Green buds grew overnight

The weather had warmed

Lying to the flowers,

Bushes and trees

It called out

Spring is here

Gliding around the house

The winds softly sighed

And repeated the rumor

Green buds appeared

Soft, fuzzy, avocado green

Buds the size of my finger tips

This worried me,

Freezing winds stung my face,

Burning my bare hands

Ice had recaptured the ground

Winter is suppose to solidify

Send life to sleep

And then, reawaken it in spring

Not freeze and refreeze

Green buds and weakened roots

Exposed to water and ice

Damage can be done

They will shiver and shake, and

Continue to sleep

When spring really does arrive

Underneath the magnolia

I stepped onto the ice

Unsteady and thin

It cracked


Cold water

Ran over and in to my shoes

I shivered

This is for Jingles, “Thursday Poets’ Rally!”


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Most of the snow ,that was on the ground yesterday, is gone today.  It has been raining, making everything wet, dreary and muddy. I was a little disappointed when I saw the view was so blah!

Kenshin is a ham when it comes to pictures.

Uriah hates the camera! Every time I pointed it at him he turned  away, or just  sat down with his back to me.  He wanted to take a walk.  I told him to smile for William, only then did he face the camera.

I gave up and came back in the house, where Kenshin started making a heavy sighing sound at me and turning in circles. I asked him, what was wrong? He took me to my computer, and then looked out the window at the outside kennel.

It took me some time to capture what was out there, between Uriah outside the window and Kenshin inside, I wasn’t catching anything.  Can you see what I finally saw?

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I had a wonderful birthday! My husband took me out for a late lunch at Red Robin, their specialty is burgers. Then he bought me a camera I am trying to figure it out. Luckily, the cats are just as interested in the odd sounds it makes, as much as the wrist strap that I keep forgetting to put on my wrist. Every time I came near them they stopped and stared.  

Even though I hate hair dye, it is time to try again. I saw the necessity when I turned the camera on myself. I had just washed my hair, what a lovely picture …No it wasn’t!  I just couldn’t figure out how my Grandmother appeared in the room!  I do miss her!

  We also went to the Petsmart where we met Doug; he was working and told us about his seventeen cats he saved from shelters. So many people with kind hearts, they do without to help injured and homeless animals.

My morning walk outside was like walking in a cloud. Standing out in the yard I faced towards the west, the house was in front of me, it was similar to standing in a steamy bathroom.  I should have felt down, with all that grey and off white. But I didn’t! There was a feel in the air, anticipation of tomorrow. Something was happening somewhere and I wanted to see it unfold.

The snow was melting underfoot. I checked out the low area near the trees to the north. I expected water, but I was met with ice. The ground was frozen solid. All the dry air that held in the sub zero temperatures at the beginning of the year had pulled out all the moisture under the snow. So the snow and rain hasn’t caused any flooding, yet.

 The first picture, I took by the front door. You can see the cement front step, the snow and the darkness with the fog beyond.

 I added a picture of Kenshin; I like how he seems to blend in with the rug.

He has blue eyes not red, I need to fix that.

Tomorrow I will follow Uriah around.  I just hope he doesn’t try to bury the camera.

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I stuck my head out the door and instantly decided to stay inside until spring.

That didn’t go over well with Uriah, or Kenshin. Both the dog and cat wanted outside. Uriah for bathroom duty and Kenshin had a wild look in his eye; he wanted me to walk him around on the deck so he could sniff the air.

”Nope!”   I shook my head at Kenshin, who is an indoor cat.

 He frowned and decided to look out the window.  Uriah happily wiggled out the door.

I pulled on my coat, hat, and gloves.  Grabbed my ski poles and reluctantly I stepped outside. Every thing was coated in black ice, the type that looks like wet pavement, but really isn’t.

Uriah was slipping around the driveway following a scent.

I leaned against the garage doors and listened to the winds howling through the trees. The deck boards creaked and the rain gutters rattled. Sharp ice started raining from the dreary grey sky. The snow, no longer pure white, had sunken in as the temperatures hovered just above freezing. The warmer air held a hint of a damp spring.  In random areas I could see field grass attempting to show through the snow. Uriah stood about fifty feet away from me, just watching and waiting, willing me to follow.

I muttered.  “You win!” and took baby steps into the snowy yard.

I walked a short distance up and onto a snowdrift, and then I started having trouble keeping on my feet.  My non skid boots weren’t connecting to the snow and ice. Instead of standing still, I was slowly sliding backwards.

 I had one of two choices. Keep my ski poles stuck in the snow and end up on my face.  Or, let go and hope I would glide backwards without falling.  

I chose the latter.

I lifted the ski poles, and slid slowly, very slowly, backwards…

All the while I made this high pitch screeching sound, sort of like a sick coyote, until I came to a stop. 

Uriah thought I was playing and ran at me.  As soon as he hit the black top, he slipped and landed on his backside.  He coasted the rest of the way on his hind quarters stopping only when he bumped into my legs. If he hadn’t run into my legs, he would have just swept right past me and ended up in the snow under the Blue Spruce. 

Immediately Uriah scrambled to his paws and started pulling at the cuffs of my pants.

To keep myself upright, I sat down.

”Get out of here, Uriah! Are you crazy?”

He answered me by grabbing my right glove, which I was waving at him, and pulled it off. He ran onto the snow, where he promptly started digging furiously.

 “Uriah! Give that back!”

He looked up and gave me a doggy grin, and continued to dig. Once the hole was large enough, or so he thought. He dropped my glove in and pushed the snow over it using his nose.

“Uriah you’re an idiot!” 

He took that as words of endearment.  And ran back to me and grabbed my left glove and took off towards the pond.

I slowly crawled and shuffled back into the house.

I watched Uriah out the front window. He was digging like an insane dog. 

I’ll get my gloves later!  When the ice melts, or in spring…

I’ll worry about them later.

Right now, I have a cup of coffee and a book, Heat Wave by Richard Castle. I just need to find my reading glasses! Tomoe, my husband’s cat loves to hide them, usually under the bed, or on the couch, or in the liter box…! Sigh!



Picture is from Word ClipArt

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Hello everyone!

I have to apology to everyone for not setting up this post earlier; I have been a bit under the weather.

 Now to the good stuff!

I have been nominated for a Blogger award from Lily, and from William!

I have only had my Blog up since November; this is an honor for me. I really appricate everyone who has come to read, My Walking Path, and have followed the quick look into my day!

First Williams Blog is at: http://williamm49.blogspot.com/

And Lily’s Blog is at: http://adventuresofamilitaryfamof8.blogspot.com/

Thank you again to Lily and William. Hugs*

The Rules for accepting this award are:

1.Thank the person giving you this award.

2.Copy the award to your blog

3.place a link to their blog

4.Name 7 things people don’t know about you.

5.Nominate 7 Bloggers.

6.Place a link to those Bloggers.

7.Leave a comment letting those Bloggers know about the award.

Okay! Number 4:

1. I graduated from LaneTech High School in Chicago Illinois- “Go Lane!”

2. I was born with Hashimoto’s  disease, which is a thyroid disorder.

3. I can’t take pain medicines; I have trouble even taking cold medicines.  I am  pro- medical marijuana – Bill hasn’t passed  in Illinois.

4. When some tells me I can’t do something I go out of my way to prove them wrong.

5.  I have a back injury that won’t allow me to sit more than ten to fifteen minutes at a time.

6.  I love Nathan Fillion:-)  ( Shhh! Don’t tell my husband)

7.   I hate to dye my hair, or wear makeup.

Blogs I nominate are- I guess I can choose 14 since I had two nominations.

1. http://47whitebuffalo.wordpress.com/  a beautiful site to slip back in time with American Indians. Sad and insightful!

2.   http://whizbangwoman.wordpress.com/  writer and poet,   mom and wife lovely person to know

3. http://wesingwedancewestealthings.blogspot.com/   Even with hand surgery very soon, she still Blogs

4. http://theonestopthoughtshop.wordpress.com/  Kristi a writer! A mom, daughter soon to be wife!

5.  http://sunnyinseattle-cadh.blogspot.com/  a sweet woman waiting on the birth of her twins

6.   http://richmondzoo.blogspot.com/    With a name like Captain Dumbass – he surprises me with his beautiful family, a sweetie

7. http://www.shelterangelspitbullrescue.org/index.php?p=home   this one is brand new, Rebecca helps save pit bulls and she is my daughter.

8    http://rantourage.wordpress.com/  His pictures are wonderful great sense of humor!

9. http://purplesplatitudes.wordpress.com/ wonderful poet.

10. http://pandabox33.wordpress.com/  Some posts in French some in English, love her thought process.

11. http://forbidden-planet.ca/  A wonderful Father, son and husband! Great pictures and thoughts.

12. http://curiosityquotient.blogspot.com/  beautiful pictures with their history added. Ideas, thoughts and just life.

13. http://clgphotos.wordpress.com/  These Photos are breath taking.

14. http://www.asiantrains.net/  This Blog  feels like I am taking a train trip without the hassle.


Sorry to those I missed. ( I couldn’t find Nathan Fillion’s Blog…darn!)

I really, really appreciate this honor! Thank you William and Lily

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